Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (2023)

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Remember the days when text messages and Snake on your Nokia 3310 were two of the most exciting things a phone could manage? We do, too. Fast-forward two decades and we have in-display fingerprint scanners, bezel-free displays, under-display cameras, plus a whole different take on slider and flip phones.


Flip phones were once slim, compact and hinged devices. Now, flip phones have morphed into these foldable phones with actual bendable screens. That tends to bring the potential for huge price tags, to get hold of a piece of this magic.

Here are the devices leading the foldable smartphone trend.

Our Top Pick: Best Foldable Phone

Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (1)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

8.0 / 10

The Z Flip stands out because it's a pretty, cute phone that folds really small to make it easy to carry around. It's as much fashion item as it is tech.

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  • Improved build quality and hinge
  • Bright, vibrant display
  • Cute, compact design with waterproofing
  • Flex mode enhances software experience


  • Crease and screen reflection issues
  • Display durability over time still a concern
  • Cover screen could be more useful

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 features a more refined design compared to its predecessors - the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G - with a more durable hinge and frame design, making it feel more sturdy.

Like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Z Flip 3 has waterproofing too. The cover display is still small, and a little limited in functionality, but the internal display is a fantastic, vibrant panel with 120Hz adaptive refresh rates.

The camera specifications are good this time, as are the RAM and storage options and the battery capacity, plus with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 onboard, you get fast and efficient performance too.

Other foldable phones we recommend

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 won't be the phone for everyone, and there are plenty of other models and styles to choose from, with more manufacturers joining the flexible smartphone market all the time and each with their benefits.

Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (2)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

8.0 / 10

More of a refinement than a reinvention when compared with last year's Z Fold 3, the latest foldable is greatly improved in some crucial areas.

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  • One of the most impressive-looking foldables around
  • S Pen compatibility
  • Speedy performance and good software


  • The under-panel camera isn't great
  • The usual crease and screen reflection gripes

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 succeeds the Galaxy Z Fold 3, bringing a few small - but important - improvements over the older model. The design and hinge were upgraded to make the phone more durable and long-lasting. Samsung also increased the width of the front display, making it closer to a regular smartphone ratio. It's still quite narrow, but it's an improvement nonetheless. Add to that a decent triple camera system with great zoom, a vibrant 120Hz display, the convenience of S Pen support and Flex mode software optimisations and you have an epic multitasking machine. All of this is built on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which is an incredibly fast and efficient platform.

Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (3)
Moto Razr 2022

8.0 / 10

For its 2022 update, the Razr got some much-needed attention from Motorola. It addressed all the necessary elements, delivering a much more affordable phone with flagship power and a great display.

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  • Proper flagship chipset inside
  • Big, full-sized flexible display
  • Fast charging and clean software


  • Not enough software optimisations for folding screen
  • Ultrawide and selfie cameras are weak
  • Hinge feels a little wobbly in motion

Motorola's previous Razr model - the Razr 5G - was a little underwhelming. While it undoubtedly had buckets of style, and the nostalgia it encouraged with its classic design was definitely real, it lacked elements that would have made it a truly competitive device. First it cost a lot more than Samsung's equivalent, and it featured a less powerful chipset and a smaller display. With the Razr 2022, Moto addressed all of those crucial features. The Razr 2022 is a proper flagship phone with a display that's as big as a standard flagship's, and the folding mechanism means there's little in the way of creasing. Add to that a big cover display and satisfying 'snap' sound on closing, and you have a much better Razr.

Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (4)
Honor Magic Vs

Honor's foldable flagship has powerful internals and two big, vibrant displays. It folds flush too, offering a very different experience to the Galaxy Z Fold.


  • Big front screen
  • Powerful flagship specs
  • Big internal display that folds flush
  • Fast charging


  • No wireless charging
  • Slight crease on the internal display
  • It's a big phone

Honor's flagship foldable takes a similar approach to its former parent company, Huawei's. It's a really big device with a large flexible display on the inside and a full-sized screen on the outside. You get lots of screen real estate then, and both displays offer a great visual experience. It folds flush, which is a big draw, and has some impressive specifications. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 runs the show, and Honor's Android skin comes with all the proper Play Store compatibility. It's a great option for those who want a big screened foldable.

Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (5)
OPPO Find N2

Oppo's book-style foldable is only in China for now, but it offers a much more compact and useful form factor than most.

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  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Excellent display specs
  • Powerful internals and fast charging
  • Proper flagship cameras


  • Internal display is smaller than competitors
  • No wireless charging

Sometimes being small and compact is - in itself - the best feature of a phone, and that's exactly what we love about the Find N2. The portable and lightweight design means it's a very different experience compared to the likes of Samsung and Honor's horizontal folding phones. Its tiny front surface area means it fits comfortably even in the smallest pockets, and yet the external display is wide enough to be useful for everything, and the folding screen inside gives you that big of extra room when you need it. Add that to a flagship processor and a clever interface mode that kicks in whenever you open it at an angle, and you have a truly unique smartphone.

Best folding phones 2023: Top foldables that are available right now (6)
Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Dual-screen fun

The screen might not fold but the phone sure does. Those seeking something different will want to check out this productivity powerhouse from Microsoft.

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  • Much improved cameras
  • Faster processor
  • Superb design


  • Very expensive
  • UI has quirks

The Surface Duo 2 is a bit of a different option, the screen doesn't fold as with the other devices on the list, instead, the phone has two separate screens and folds like a notebook.

This screen separation makes it a great option for multitasking and Microsoft seems to have its sights squarely aimed at professional power users for this device.

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It can't match the camera quality of its competitors and the UI has some annoying quirks - but if you're looking for ultimate productivity on the go, the Surface Duo 2 is a great option.


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